The Shiniest Object; the latest Lady | Babes Chase

Owen, an average guy residing a typical existence, faces persisted frustrations obtaining ladies. It seems like every girl the guy desires actually interested, or is too much to obtain!

Owen, sick and tired of their difficulty finding achievements with ladies, starts their time.

After their commute, the guy arrives at work. Owen provides a typical grey cubicle on a regular workplace floor in a normal company tower. Everyday is a drag of spreadsheets, reports, and useless meetings.

The sole brilliant area is actually Camila, the effusive late 30s container golden-haired bombshell office flirt who is caught the attention of each and every guy within the building. Camila could be the secretary for just one associated with the large bosses, nonetheless it may seem like half her time is spent roving any office flooring in skimpy outfits, teasing the guys. Camila’s a flirt, Owen knows, but


will be one to get the lady.

Now, like each day, he attempts to draw Camila into an imaginative conversation, some fun repartee. But Camila skillfully dodges, bear in mind, blinking her bright, flirtatious look, producing some flirtatious quip, after that fast sauntering down, leaking out once again, disappearing in to the maze of fabric-covered cubicle walls.

Owen never ever sees Grace, the peaceful dirty blond 20-something in cups who always steals glances at him from the woman cube. When there is a conference, Grace is often as well timid to consider Owen. Grace has better facial features and is also

rationally more attractive than

Camila, but she dresses conservatively, is not a flirt, and doesn’t be noticed. Her existence in the office gets continuously overshone by Camila’s, and thus she ultimately ends up being mostly undetectable truth be told there, simply carrying out her work after that going residence.

After another workday of no achievements with Camila, Owen (like many of this males for the reason that company) actually leaves in annoyance, moaning to himself about how precisely fussy women are, exactly how impossible their criteria tend to be, and just why matchmaking must be very imbalanced against guys.