Inspire Your Heart with Art day!

So what is ‘Inspire Your Heart With Art Day’? Of the broad spectrum of art created in the world, the pieces that move us to tears or cause us to burst out into joyous laughter remain with us for a lifetime. Whether we are touched by music or see into an artist’s soul through their work, art has the power to change us, to inspire our hearts.
The day encourages us to explore the many genres of art and let it inspire us.

We need art in our lives more then ever, in these unprecedented Covid times. On the observance of ‘Inspire your heart with art’ day on January 31st, Urdu Academy of Maryland is here for you to be in touch with exquisite art and artists which are taking ‘art’ to the next level. Here are the list of artists, who’s unique perspectives touched our very souls and showed that art really has no boundaries.

Arooj Aftab: Arooj Aftab is an upcoming musician who, came under everyone’s radar after she appeared in Barack Obama’s Summer Playlist of 2021. She then, became the first Pakistani woman to be nominated for Garmmy award, for Best New Artist and Best Global Music Performance for her Single ‘Mohabbat’ from her album ‘Vulture Prince‘. Her latest work is seen in ‘Coke Studio Season 14’ with Mehram where she performs with Asfar Hussain.

Video: Arooj Aftab’s Live performance for ‘Open Mic’

Dual Harmonie: Based in Washington D.C, Metro area, the band comprises of Zayn Ali and Umair Iqbal, and can be mostly seen and heard in local ‘Cha tea House’ in D.C Metro area. Zayn the vocalist, have a vocal range, which can be matched with many well known talented Pakistani singers, and Umair’s guitar jams are groovy. Both of them combined, creates an immersive experience and one cannot help but groove to their favorite song covers. They can be followed on their Instagram page Dual_harmonie

Video: Dual_Harmonie performing cover of ‘Na Kaho’ by Arroh

Rad-iish: If you ever want some custom design printed in your favorite ‘Jordans’, your desi local artist in not too far away. We met Amina in a local D.C restaurant with her vendor table and fell in love with her custom design shoes. Rad-iish can be followed on Instagram for Amina’s latest customized shoes, and can also be ordered on Etsy.

Custom made ‘Vans’ with traditional ‘Ajrak” pattern by Rad-ish

Haider Ali (Truck art of Pakistan): If anyone ever visits Pakistan, one cannot help but notice the most colorful busses and rickshaws on the streets. Unlike anywhere else in the world, these mode of Public transportation can immediately brighten up anyone’s day. Haider Ali, have taken Truck art of Pakistan to a new level and his Instagram and Facebook account are a whimsical glimpse of his creations. His most noted work was a mural that he created of ‘George Floyd’ for ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.

Photo by Haider Ali’s Instagram: Haider Ali with his George Floyd Mural.